Lonnie, Aubrey and “Beef” in 2012

“You ain’t no motha fuckin’ Frank Sinatra, uh, little bitch…. sweet motha fucka! Sweet ass, bitch motha fucka!”

Remember the good ole beefs in our genre? LL Cool J vs. Koo Moe Dee (Though I wasn’t born for that); Ice Cube vs. B- Real; and the iconic Nas vs. Jay-Z. Those were “beefs,” especially the latter, they for the most part kept it on wax, and that’s what matters. Some got personal with things such as sleeping with the other’s women, but kept it semi respectful — Not adding 2Pac vs. Biggie cause, well, see how that ended. There were a few others that were semi respectable: 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule (Wait); 50 Cent vs. Game; 50 Cent vs. Fat Joe; 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross (Damn, Fif. Though I will go to the grave believing that last one was simply fake, but that’s too many, Curtis); But if you ask someone under 30 about rap beefs, you’ll get reply’s like: Rick Ross vs. Young Jeezy; Soulja Boy vs. Charles Hamilton; Soulja Boy vs Ice T; Rick Ross vs. Kreayshawn; anyone with Yung Berg in it.

Why? Just, why? I mean, Common and Drake don’t seem as bad as some I named, but still makes you want give up this rap stuff, turn on some Kenny Chesney and give this country music a try. This whole little “beef” thing, in this day in age, with Twitter, bloggers, WSHH, Memes and all these other outlets — or simply the internet — doesn’t seem as appealing, even from the entertainment prospective. I initially thought when Drake had that Sweat comment on Twitter (Which he later deleted), thought it was going to be come a little stupid. Then when Common came out and finally confirmed the obvious about those shots, it begun this whole weird and idiotic “beef” situation. Knowing Drake wasn’t going to simply not respond, especially after reading his interview with Complex.

But fact we’re talking Beef and Drake, in the same sentence is strange. You’d never see it coming. Cause, well.. it’s Drake! I mean, no one should have the nerve to be in a beef with him. I mean, his childhood consisted of being a regular on Degrassi: The Next Generation. He even said once, all his embarrassing childhood moments are on TV. Drake is a certain artist who is portrayed on the internet. Yes, he get’s props from people about his music, however, he get’s as much, if not more, talk on the internet about his, uh, softer persona.

So while the internets are going crazy over this like it’s the new Jay-Z and Nas, I’m thinking, “Is this what Common really want to do?” I mean, this obviously isn’t Common vs. Ice Cube (Which I respect) but why do Common feel the need to go at Drake as he did. Just listen to Sweet, it just sounds Com is so angry as if Drake took his women or something — Serena? Oh God. I do know while making The Dreamer, The Believer, him linking back with No I.D. again, wanting to have that pure hip-hip feel like no other, all while Drake was going around Drinking & Draking, R&Bing it (There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way), Lonnie felt obligated to say something. Then we have Drake’s on wax rebuttal on Stay Schemin’, which I believe is a Top 10 Drake verse, then Common’s response, and now where at where we’re at. I thought Drake had a point, maybe he was doing it for sales, but after checking Com’s albums sales, that didn’t make since. Maybe Com just doesn’t like Drake, he said he actually think he makes good music. So I don’t know, I just hope it isn’t about Serena, though.

Not sure if this is over, or will it spill over to a G.O.O.D. Music vs. Young Money thing (Who are we kidding? How stupid and irrelevant would that be? Not to mention, Kanye loves Wayne for whatever reason, and is too busy for that). If it does continue, let it stay off timelines, blog posts, TMZ, and simply on wax. Keep it hip-hop, and not like those horrible other ones. Then once it’s finally over, they can sit down and joke around about all this stuff (Starting with this) and also slap knees about Fabolous vs. Ray J.

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